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A live, two-way fitness training platform 

For participants

Fitswarm opens the door to an incredible selection of live, interactive, two-way fitness sessions, from the world’s most renowned instructors.

Bridging the gap between busy schedules and finding the time to exercise, Fitswarm gives your training the ultimate flexibility. From business people with hectic schedules to single parents with only an hour to spare, Fitswarm allows everyone to exercise with an instructor at a time that suits them. You also get better individual training, where the instructor responds to you, motivates you, helps with your form and keeps you in check!

For fitness professionals

Fitswarm also offers personal trainers and fitness instructors incredible flexibility, at the same time as opening up a whole avenue to generating income. 

Not only does Fitswarm allow you as the instructor to train your own clients at any time, in any location, but you also get the benefit of access to an entire swarm of people looking to train with new PTs or experience new exercise classes, all at a time and location that suits you and your clients.

So whether you're a personal trainer, fitness fanatic or just a busy bod who wants to try something new, Fitswarm is the answer. 

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